March 14
Round-lobed Hepatica
(Hepatica americana)
(Hexastylis arifolia)

These perennials bloom in southern woods from March to May. But the lavender blue Hepatica flower “petals” are really sepals. The Heartleaf flowers don’t have petals either. Those flowers are sometimes called little pink piggies in the bud stage, or later, when they open, little brown jugs. The seeds are found in the base of the vessel.

Both plants have thick leather-like evergreen leaves that almost look like plastic. They are similar in color, except that Hepatica
leaves are purple or maroon underneath.

Ground clutter in the painting tells you that these two plants are found among ferns, under pines and hardwoods such as maple and beech.

Three insects are to be found in the painting, including the gnat which will visit the Heartleaf flowers when they open.

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